Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many matches should I expect to play?
Answer: The number will vary depending on how many players are in the event. Mens singles will have between 12 and 14 matches. Mixed doubles, Womens singles, and Mens doubles will have 10 to 12 matches.

Question: When does the season start and end?
Answer: A schedule will be mailed to you on May 31st with play beginning the first week of June. You will be scheduled for approximately one match per week with possible bye weeks. The scheduled matches will continue through either late August or early September but you have until September 16th to complete all your matches.

Question: Who will I be scheduled to play against?
Answer: Players will either play a complete round robin schedule with everyone in their event or if there are more than 15 players in an event, your opponents will be determined by your self rated level and previous years' results. Players are also divided into East and West Divisions for events having more than 20 players and you will only be scheduled against players within your geographic division.

Question: What if I'm out of town for 2 weeks or need to finish the season early?
Answer: You may play your matches earliar or later than the weeks listed. The schedule is a suggested timeline for the entire season.