1. The singles ladder will combine both men and women into one ladder. Ladder positions are based on each player's own self-rating listed on the entry form with the highest self-rated players at the top. All players entering the ladder after June 1st will start at the bottom of the ladder.

2. Players challenge by contacting any opponent on the ladder.

3. Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets, regular scoring. All other USTA rules will apply during the match.

4. Scores should be reported immediately by the winner of the match by e-mail to or to 612-298-6801. Please report the score of each set. When a lower ranked player wins, they move into the position of the higher ranked player, and the higher ranked player moves down one position.

5. Default rule: If a challenged player is unavailable to play within 14 days of initial contact, you may report it as a default. Defaults are treated the same as a win by the challenging player.

6. The lower ranked player provides a new can of balls for the match.

7. Ladder positions will be updated on the website at periodically until the end of season on September 16th. A gift certificate will be awarded to the player with the most matches played. Reported matches will be tallied by the coordinator.

8. Good Luck and have fun !