Looking for a Doubles Partner?

The league's primary goal is to promote the growth of Twin Cities recreational tennis.

If you want to participate in Doubles Tennis but cannot find a partner, Twin Cities Tennis League can locate one for you that fits your requested requirements.
Just print or copy the information below answering all the questions and mail along with a completed registration form and the $25 entry fee. If a partner is not located by the start of the season your $25 entry fee will be refunded. Or you can also relay the information to Twin Cities Tennis League by phone, 612-298-6801.
**Twin Cities Tennis League will not release personal information (Name, Email, Phone #) to potential partners until both parties agree to team-up together.

Required Information: Questions 2b and 3b are optional
1a) I am (Male / Female)
1b) My partner should be (Male / Female / Either)

2a) I am (___) years old
2b) My partner should be between___ and ___ Years

3a) Describe my level.
3b) Describe the desired level of my partner.