1. The schedule is a suggested timeline of when matches are to be played. If you are unable to play during the week scheduled, matches may also be played earliar or later but scores must be reported by September 16th.

2. Players initiate contact to set up times and playing sites for their matches.

3. Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets, regular scoring. All other USTA rules will apply during the match.

4. Scores should be reported immediately by the winner of the match by e-mail to twintennis@yahoo.com or to 612-298-6801. Please report the score of each set.
Winning team receives 4 points - 1 point for winning, 1 point for each set won and 1 point for completing the match.
Losing team receives 1 point if they win one set and 1 point for completing the match.

5. Default rule: A team has the option of reporting a default if their opponents are unavailable to play within 14 days of initial contact. There are two other options. Play against a doubles team that uses a sub to replace one of their doubles players or contact a team that they are not scheduled against this season as the replacement. A sub may be a player within the event or someone from the sub list. A win over either a substituted team or a team with one sub will receive 4 points. A win by default will receive 3 points. A win by the team with one sub will receive 2 points. The sub team will not receive any points.

6. The team listed first on the schedule provides a new can of balls for the match.

7. Standings will be sent out every two to three weeks. They will also be updated on the website at www.twincitiestennis.com. The doubles team in this division with the most points and the runner up team will receive a Gift Certificate from Michael Lynne's Tennis Shop.

8. Good Luck and have fun !